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Completing your degree is a significant accomplishment, so it’s important that you understand the process beyond taking the required courses.

Petition for Graduation

All students must submit a Petition for Graduation and pay a $75 administrative fee as part of the requirement to complete their degree and receive their diploma. This fee includes the diploma, diploma cover, one official transcript, and shipping. To complete the form you must first log in to

Ph.D. students have an additional fee of $400. This fee includes binding of your dissertation, a diploma frame, medallion, and academic hood. If you walk in the commencement ceremony, Indiana Tech will cover the cost of standard doctoral regalia (gown, tam, hood, tassel). If you prefer to upgrade your regalia, you will have the opportunity to order the upgraded regalia from our supplier at your own cost.

If there are issues or discrepancies on the audit, please contact the Office of the Registrar immediately. Traditional Day students’ Advisors should be copied on this email. If substitutions are required, the Advisor will contact the Office of the Registrar.

The graduation process is complete once you have achieved academic and financial clearance to graduate.

Once both academically and financially cleared, your diploma will be shipped within four to six weeks via FedEx to the address provided in the petition. The deadline to petition as a Fall graduate is Oct. 1. The deadline to petition as a Spring graduate is Jan. 15.

Submit a Petition for Graduation

Academic Clearance for Doctoral Students

Academic Clearance for Graduate Students

Academic Clearance for Undergraduate Students

The academic clearance process begins after you successfully complete the final course required for your degree. Your degree will be officially conferred after you have been academically cleared by the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Clearance

Financial clearance will be requested from the Business Office. If the student is not financially cleared for graduation, the Business Office will send a statement to the student indicating what is required. Once financial clearance is completed the Business Office will notify the Office of the Registrar and your diploma will be shipped via FedEx within approximately four weeks.


Indiana Tech provides two different options to receive a diploma, either a conventional paper diploma or an electronic diploma (e-diplomas). Students have the option to select and pay for the other option, as well. Indiana Tech provides electronic certificates (e-certificates) to students, and they can also purchase an additional paper certificate. Both the e-diploma and e-certificate are secured, validated, documents that can be downloaded and shared with others. However, the e-diplomas and e-certificates are not printable.

Verification of Degree Completion

If you need proof of graduation prior to receiving your diploma, you may submit a Verification Request.

Additional Diplomas

Graduates may order an additional diploma for a fee of $30. You will need to download and complete the Additional Diploma/Certificate Request form. The completed form should be returned to the Registrar’s Office or emailed to


Your diploma is an important document and we want to ensure the information on it is accurate.  If you want to ensure your name is correct, please contact our office.

Commencement Ceremony

To learn more about the Commencement ceremony held each May for students who have recently or will soon graduate from Indiana Tech, visit our commencement page.

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