Indiana Tech assigns points to grades earned. Following are the points earned per credit as shown below.


A student’s term and cumulative grade point averages are calculated based upon the point system. Multiply course credits by the point value of grade earned in the course to get the total point value for the course.

Term and cumulative grade point averages are determined in the following manner:

  • Add total course credit values.
  • Add total point values.
  • Divide total point value by total course credit value.

Final grades

To obtain a record of your final grades, please log into my.IndianaTech. You can print final grades from the Academic tab under grade report by selecting the appropriate term.

An unofficial transcript, which will include all courses completed, also can be printed from my.IndianaTech. Information about how to request an official transcript can be found on our transcripts page.

Grade appeals

Indiana Tech expects all faculty to adhere to fair grading practices that are explained to students and clearly identified in course syllabi. The right to appeal a grade is provided to give students recourse when they feel a grading policy has resulted in arbitrary treatment that places them at a disadvantage compared to other students taking the class. The student must initiate the grade appeal within the first two weeks of the semester immediately following the term when the grade was issued. The appeal consists of the following process:

The student is to discuss the concern with the instructor of the course to address the specific grading issues.

If discussion with the instructor does not resolve the problem, the student is to contact the dean and present a written record of the appeal and the outcome of the initial meeting with the instructor. The dean will make a determination and inform the student.

Students may appeal the decision of the dean. Appeals must be made in writing and sent to the vice president for academic affairs with a copy sent to the dean. Such appeals must state the student’s name, ID, and the specifics of the decision being appeal. Be aware that prior decisions can be overturned only in cases where substantially new information has come to light. All appeal decisions are final with the vice president for academic affairs.

Additional information

For more information about the grading system, please refer to the Academic Catalogs page.